RACE Business Energy Cluster

Race Business Energy Cluster is an association governed by the Law of 1901, with a business vocation in the energy sector, independent and focused on innovation and commercial development of its members, both in France and abroad. Its services complement the proposals of the competitiveness clusters.

The RACE Cluster was created as part of the Industry White Paper, produced and published in 2014 by the Lyon CCI following an economic watch. The objective of this Book was to establish a report on the strengths and weaknesses of regional industry, to draw innovative and ambitious proposals and to grow industrial companies in the Lyon basin. 

This survey revealed the potential of the offshore and onshore energy industry . It also showed that many companies, whatever their size, had advanced technologies, were widely positioned internationally and often leaders in their field, but that they were not very visible and did not know each other.

<p>RACE Business Energy Cluster </p>RACE Business Energy Cluster


Supported by companies with the desire to network, the RACE cluster, an acronym for Rhône-Alpes Cutting Edge (Industries Rhône-Alpines de pointe), was born with 42 companies on board. The name of the cluster then evolved to become RACE Business Energy Cluster, to perfectly match the essence of the cluster.

At the end of 2020, the election of a new governance resulted in organizational changes within RACE, to better adapt to the crisis and the new needs of members.

A robust value network

Strengthen your development strategy

The objectives of the RACE Cluster have always been to develop synergies between member companies targeting the same markets and with complementary technologies, and to offer more integrated and innovative solutions.

  • To create a common identity to facilitate the referencing of the members with the major principals by promoting their skills and expertise, 
  • Develop working groups on specific expertise,
  • Detecting business opportunities and creating packaged offers via business groups (conquest of new markets, pooling of agents, distributors, subsidiaries, premises, etc.),
  • Encourage environmental and responsible practices.

A Word from the President

The year 2021 has shown the relevance of our new Business Model and laid the foundations for a solid dynamic for 2022.
Thanks to the mobilization of all its members, a new membersa new governanceThanks to the mobilization of all our employees, we are doing twice as much with half the resources, despite a very constrained environment.

The commitment of the new Board, the dynamism of the Block Leaders and the arrival of new members change the situation and make us foresee great prospects , whether in export, new energies or digitalization.

Each Bloc meeting, whether physical or virtual, is not only a source of value-creating information for each other, but also an opportunity for action and business development. This business development is done between members, and as a team to conquer new markets by pooling participation in trade shows, contacts in the field, agents and by winning contracts together. In this way, the health crisis is no longer a barrier to export.

We are helped in this by the implementation of tools such as AssoConnect and now a new website reflecting the dynamics of RACE through its skills and services. 

As in the Blocks, the focus is on action.

Every month we welcome new members, the best proof of RACE's dynamism.

I would like to thank the Board Members, the Block Leaders, our loyal and new Members, for their contribution to this success and their long-term commitment to the development of RACE.

See you soon, Good Blocks,
Good Business.
Jean-Charles Guilhem

<p>Le Mot du Président</p>A Word from the President