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TPLM3D specialist in 3D scanning and modeling!


Stéphane Hopp presents the digital solutions of TPLM3D, a service company specialized in 3D scanning and modeling!

Founded in 2004 and composed of a team of engineers and senior technicians surveyors, TPLM3D is specialized in special works and 3D measurement for the industry, construction, heritage and architecture.

What are the fields of application of your solutions?

The first laser-scanner systems were developed in the United States in the mid-1990s in response to a need from industry. The as-built information is particularly complex to model in the case of existing industrial installations, especially from these initial plans if the installation is old. The laser-scanning technique therefore allows to capture in a very precise way the 3D structure of these industrial installations, as they have been built and have evolved over time.

The laser-scanner readings are comparable to 3D photographs of the measured object. Each point scanned on the ground is immediately known in X, Y, Z coordinates.

This allows manufacturers to obtain a precise 3D image of their As-Built installation, and then to use these images to build the Digital Twin of it. This is especially true for revamping or large maintenance operations.

Laser-scanner systems can also be used in the follow-up of the construction site in order to measure the good position of the elements of framework, piping and boiler making compared to the initial plans. Avoiding delays and rework at the end of the construction site.

What specific needs do you address with this/these solution(s)?

Our mission is to go and find an existing situation (survey of the existing) to allow a Design Office to control and secure its project, with a phase of advice upstream to respond in tailor-made.

Beyond that, we have the capacity to respond to extremely specific problems around 3D measurement and analysis ("five-legged sheep").

TPLM 3D allows our customers to gain in reliability and precision by entrusting the survey phase to 3D measurement professionals. Our team of engineers and survey technicians has 4 laser-scanner systems, 3 total stations.

Thus, the three-dimensional measurements follow quality processes and the laser-scanner technology allows to measure a level of detail of 3 mm at a distance of more than 30 m.

This work reduces our clients' study times thanks to a faster survey phase and production of the "existing" deliverable. It also allows us to prepare and anticipate the "work" phase in terms of means, resources and equipment thanks to a total knowledge of the existing building.

We also drastically reduce the cost of on-site repairs during the work because every interference between the project and the existing building is dealt with at the design stage. The financial balance of a project built with a total control of the existing is therefore much better.

More generally, the work of TPLM 3D allows to save time and efficiency from the "pre-project" phase to the final realization.


How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

In order to meet the specific needs of our customers, we have made strong choices in the management of our company. The emphasis has been placed on innovation with :


  • A high level of investment in hardware and software,
  • By positioning R&D as a full-fledged pole in the company's organization,
  • By maintaining a permanent technological watch for the best expertise.

With this expertise, TPLM 3D is committed to guaranteeing a long-lasting service throughout the project AND afterwards! Thanks to our perfectly functioning QHSE system, we know how to ensure the quality and safety of our interventions.

Also, TPLM 3D offers an adapted response in the shortest time, the control of the deadlines on a project starting for us from the phase of studies.

Finally, listening, understanding and responding to the most specific requests of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. We offer a tailor-made service, solutions resulting from a mutual consultation so that our customers can benefit from personalized products and techniques, whether or not their request falls within the market standards.

Contact: Stéphane Hopp