RACE, the strength of a network of companies to go further

RACE, group of companies in the energy sector

Our Cluster is a business-oriented group of companies , historically based in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. It is aimed at all companies in the energy sector in France, whatever their size.

A true network of companies, RACE Business Energy Cluster brings together industrial and engineering companies that operate in the same type of market, with complementary technologies and trades. Thanks to their synergies, our members offer innovative, competitive and packaged solutions to the energy industry .

Oil, Gas and Renewable Energies

A Robust Value Network

From the component to the overall system, RACE members form a valuable network, both in the oil and gas markets and in the green transition and renewable energy markets such as biogas and hydrogen. Together, we are responding to energy challenges around the world.

The collaborative spirit of our Association allows our members to :

  • Develop their notoriety within the network and outside,
  • Create synergies between them to conduct projects throughcollaborative innovation,
  • Increase their competitiveness by accessing complete and complex projects,
  • Boost their growth,
  • Integrating the energy transition and the digital transformation into their development.

Thanks to a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the men and women of RACE come together, address business issues, and contribute to the development of industrial sectors in the energy sector.

"Alone we go faster, Together we go further..... "

Realizing the ambitions of each individual

The RACE work blocks

Because unity allows us to go further, RACE Business Energy Cluster has organized its action aroundReferent experts who lead working groups also called " Blocks". This specialization allows each member to better understand the problems of the Energy sector, to anticipate and seize opportunities in France and abroad.

Export Blocks

The 5 geographical blocks cover different areas around the world such as:

Technological blocks

The 3 thematic blocks address different technologies:

Member Zoom

The Member in the spotlight!


Découvrez la société Stäubli, spécialiste de la conception et la fabrication de système de connexion rapide.

Fondée en 1892, Stäubli n’était à l’origine qu’un petit atelier installé à Horgen dans le canton de Zurich. Aujourd’hui, c’est un groupe international basé à Pfäffikon, en Suisse, avec 5700 collaborateurs répartis dans 29 pays et sur quatre continents.

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Find the news of the Cluster and its members

The presentation of the latest business missions in France and abroad, the digital solutions of the members, the topics discussed during the working meetings, the sectoral news ...

Our Mission

The collective to go further

Since 2014, RACE's mission is to boost the business development of its members in France and abroad.

Members can share contacts and mutualize their means of prospecting, open up to new technologies or get involved in the energy transition.

By pooling the efforts, networks and resources of each, we have created a robust and dynamic regional industry.

Thanks to the strong involvement of the governance and the members of the cluster, our network continues to expand, day after day, on the national territory.

Our actions are based on "Blocks" and aim to develop partnerships, highlight the expertise of our members and contribute to their growth.


The events

september, 2023


Encourage responsible practices, improve operational excellence.


Promote a range of complementary expertise to clients, thanks to a common and recognized identity.


Highlight the key expertise of our members across the value chain.


Facilitate prospecting actions abroad in order to conquer new markets, identify agents, distributors and clients


Identify business opportunities, facilitate the referral of members to customers